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Are you looking to change up your auto upholstery? There are many reasons you could be thinking about it. Whether your car seats are damaged, your convertible roof needs a repair, or you’re just looking to change up your vehicle’s look, you might consider reupholstering. You may not think about it, but reupholstering isn’t a purely cosmetic service; it has utility as well. Here we’ll discuss just a few of the benefits of getting your car reupholstered.

It Looks Great!

We’ll start with the basics. When the upholstery looks great, you feel better about yourself and your vehicle. Reupholstering can restore classic cars to their original glory or add extra life to modern vehicles. Vibrant new upholstery simply looks better than an old, damaged interior. If you think your car needs a little something extra, consider reupholstering! Just like with furniture upholstery, a car’s upholstery can add a lot of new character to something old. A good auto upholstery business can make your car look good as new – or even better.

Classic Car Upholstering

If you have a classic car you want to be touched up, make sure to look for an auto upholstery shop specializing in that particular kind of car; you wouldn’t want to leave such a valuable investment in the hands of an unspecialized business. A lack of experience can mean an unsatisfactory upholstery job – costing you even more to replace. Make sure you check for a shop’s past jobs before committing to one.


Nothing makes a car more unique than a custom upholstery job. If you’re dedicated to your vehicle looking it’s best and more “you,” there’s really no better way to do so than getting its upholstery replaced. There’s a wide variety of options for all of your upholstery needs. There are a wide variety of options, so take time to explore them! Cloth, vinyl, or leather – your auto upholstery experts can help your car’s interior reach its fullest potential. Check with them to see which materials they use and which suit your taste best.

Deep Cleaning for Your Car

While vacuuming can remove debris from your upholstery, it doesn’t always address odors or dirt that may be trapped inside those cushions. Some types of upholstery absorb smells more than others, and some are better at resisting them and are easier to clean. If your car’s upholstery is dirty or stained and you just can’t get it clean, replacing the fabric and internal foam is a great way to make sure your seats are clean.

Odor Reduction

Did you buy a used car that just doesn’t smell quite right? Did something spill in your vehicle and it hasn’t smelled the same since? Looking to get that smoke smell out of your seats? This is where reupholstering can come into play. Certain odors can become absorbed into your seats’ interior, meaning they’re too deep to be eliminated by surface cleaning.

Switching out the upholstery and the foam beneath it can eliminate these smells at their source. If, for example, your car’s seats have moisture trapped inside, this method could be the best way to make your vehicle fresh again, saving you from musty smells and mildew. A new start for your seats can make your car feel brand new, even if it’s changed hands many times over the years.

Easier Interior Cleaning

If your car’s seats are plush, you know how much of a hassle it can be to clean them. If you’ve ever considered switching to vinyl or leather seats, an auto upholstery service can help you get there. These seats are easier to clean than carpeted seats, which can save you a lot of trouble. Rather than having to scrub away at your seats, vinyl and leather are much easier to simply wipe down. If you’re looking for a more manageable material to use inside your car, you should consider reupholstering.


Reupholstering isn’t only good for looks! If you’ve had your car for a while, the upholstery might be getting a little threadbare. Especially in the case of truck seats that see a lot of heavy work, your car’s seats will simply wear out over time. Replacing the upholstery can help extend the life of your seats, not only making them look better but also making them more comfortable.

Repairing Damage

auto upholstery portland orYou may not need all of your car’s upholstery replaced at once. If only one part of a seat is damaged, for example, you wouldn’t want to replace the entire seat. Likewise, if you damage only one seat, there’s no need to reupholster the whole vehicle. Luckily, upholstery repair is another popular service many auto upholstery businesses provide. Whether you have custom leather seats or the same upholstery you’ve always had, you can count on your auto upholstery professional to get it back to its former look.

A More Comfortable Ride

Even if you don’t spend an exceptional amount of time in your vehicle, you shouldn’t compromise on comfort. Over time, the foam inside your vehicle’s seat may break down and become uncomfortable. An upholstery service may repair the seats for you by replacing that foam and even the springs underneath. It’ll make your car’s seats more comfortable for those long drives. If you’ve ever gotten a sore back from driving, it might be time to update your seats.

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