Mustang Upholstery Specialist

Mustang Upholstery Specialist Portland

Whether you’re looking to preserve the original stylings of a vintage 1965 Mustang Fastback or update a new Shelby GT350R Mustang with a custom color scheme and materials, Bright Auto Upholstery is the mustang upholstery specialist Portland trusts. You didn’t purchase a Mustang because you wanted to drive in the slow lane. With high-end performance with every year, gorgeous lines, and an interior designed to match, having the total package means spotless and refined mustang upholstery.

Custom Mustang upholstery for your car.

Mustang’s are designed to precise measurements. From the time you put the key in the ignition, there are hundreds of carefully crafted parts working together to create the perfect driving experience. Your interior is no exception. As a Mustang upholstery specialist, Portland technicians at our facility exercise the same degree of precise craftsmanship when upholstering. Whether keeping your Mustang stock or customizing the entire interior to order—we do it with skill, dedication, and accuracy. Everything from the thread to the materials are of the highest quality. Your Mustang upholstery should be worthy of your vehicle and carry their legacy of quality forward. Whether re-upholstering, repairing, or installing new upholstery in a stripped barn yard classic, we maintain the superior quality a Mustang demands.

Modern and Vintage Mustang Upholstery Specialist

We work extensively with Mustangs of all ages. As a Mustang upholstery specialist, Portland vehicle owners have been trusting us to upholster with finesse and confidence since 1976. Our extensively trained and skilled Mustang upholsterers work on vintage and new vehicles alike. They know how to work with these high-end sports cars with precision and delicacy. That way we maintain your vehicle’s integrity from the dash to the paint job, and everything in between. We also provide auto upholstery repair for vehicles of all shapes and sizes!

When you demand quality from your materials, upholsterer, and vehicle call 503) 231-6055 or Contact Us for a Mustang upholstery specialist in Portland today.

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