Trucking Company Upholstery

Trucking Company Upholstery Portland

When it comes to trucking company upholstery, Portland business owners depend on Bright Auto Upholstery for reliably high quality work no matter what vehicles are in their fleet. We work on a wide variety of trucks in nearly every industry, providing branded upholstery, re-upholstery, upholstery repair and other additional trucking company upholstery Portland services.

The right trucking company upholstery for the job.

Depending on the nature of the trucking company, different auto upholstery options are available. Long haul trucks undergo a significant amount of wear and stress. With larger seating, these vehicles also often contain areas for sleeping. Seeing heavy use means a greater rate of repairs, but this can be significantly decreased by using the right materials and getting professionally designed and installed trucking company upholstery.

Lasting Trucking Company Upholstery

Work trucks are also prone to excessive wear, and that’s why we use the highest quality materials for every truck upholstery. We’ll work with you in order to identify the best material for your vehicles. Options include leather, vinyl, and cloth. With a high degree of UV and abrasion protection, our materials are also designed to keep their color. That means better looking upholstery for longer, made to the highest standards for increased durability.

Get professional trucking upholstery at any scale.

Whether you have a single vehicle or an entire fleet, there’s only one shop you need to visit. We can scale operations without sacrificing quality. Our expert level trucking company upholsterers have worked with every truck type imaginable including tractor trucks, tow trucks, buses, limo trucks, pickup trucks, and many more. Get the look you want, the quality you need, and a price you can afford.

For trucking company upholstery Portland businesses trust when they need to keep their vehicles comfortable and moving call (503) 231-6055 or Contact Us for trucking company upholstery in Portland today.

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