Truck Upholstery

Truck Upholstery Portland

For truck upholstery, Portland truck owners want work that can hold up. Many truck owners use their vehicles for work, these require tough materials and strong stitch work. Vintage and show truck owners might seek an original upholstery or newer high quality material. Truck upholstery for customized rides can be more about personalization and style. At Bright Auto Upholstery we custom design truck upholstery that fits our customers. That means design and execution that meets your wishes and works with your vehicle.

Get truck upholstery the way you want it.

It all begins with you. From seats to door jams, carpets, headers, and more, our comprehensive truck upholstery is carried out to your specifications. If you only need one area in your truck upholstered due to damage, we can match it perfectly with the rest of your vehicle. On older vehicles foam also has a tendency to collapse and deform over time. Our truck seat upholstery doesn’t just cover what you see, we can replace cushions and worn springs, restoring your seats to a like-new condition.

Professional Truck Upholstery

We provide high quality truck upholstery Portland has relied on since 1976. That’s because our truck upholsterers are experienced, expert level craftsmen and we have the highest standards for our work. This has allowed us to create custom truck interiors that suit our customers needs directly. With access to a wide range of leather, vinyl, and cloth fabrics we can custom create tight fitting upholstery. Paired with our seamless installation you’ll get a truck that looks like it came from the factory with our custom upholstery already installed.

Excellence isn’t something we strive for, it’s something we make sure we attain. No matter how large or how small the job, when you want professional truck upholstery that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations call (503) 231-6055 or Contact Us for truck upholstery in Portland today.

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