Auto Upholstery Services

With over 35 years of experience you can trust that your car is in good hands

Our certified installers can take care of almost all of your auto upholstery needs!

From fixing damaged seat upholstery and damaged convertible tops all the way to doing a completely custom redesign of your cars interior.

Let Bright Auto Upholstery bring you car back to its original beauty!

No job is too small and no job is too big, Go ahead and ask questions we have the answers.

Bright Auto Upholstery Specializes In:

Auto – Marine – Industrial – Fleet Services – Commercial Upholstery
Fast Turnaround available

Auto Interiors
  • Carpet Replacement
  • Seat Repair/Replacement
  • Seat Covers
  • Motorcycle Seats
  • Custom and rebuilt Seats
  • Recovering with original materials
  • Recover headliners
  • Recover Arm Rests and Center Consoles
  • Repair/Replace Seat Tracks
  • Complete Leather Interiors
  • Leather Installation
  • Leather Repair
  • Leather Dying
  • Cloth Installation
  • OEM Replacement
  • Custom Exotic Interiors
  • Electric Window Repair
  • Weather Strip Replacement
Auto Exteriors
  • Repair/Replace Simcon Tops
Car Covers and Bras

Convertible Upholstery Specialist Portland
  • Convertible Top Repair/Replacement
  • Repair/Replace Convertible rear windows
  • Repair/Replace Convertible headliners
  • Check water leaks
  • Replace Weather strips
  • Replace latches, motors, cylinders, Hydraulic lines, etc..
Sunroof Repair
  • Repairs for All Makes and Models
Imports and Domestics
Classic Cars, Collector Cars, and Showcars
Boat Covers
Pick-Up Bed covers & Tonneaus
Promotional Upholstery
Commercial Upholstery